Introducing... ChowMultiTool

Announcing the release of our new plugin ChowMultiTool! ChowMultiTool contains several "utilities" that may be useful to have in your DAW, including a band-splitter and signal generator, along with some more advanced capabilities such as a customisable waveshaper and a "drawable" EQ.

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ChowDSP Audio Plugins

ChowDSP creates digital audio effect plugins that can be used with a variety of DAWs. Our current lineup includes:

  • BYOD: a build-your-own guitar distortion plugin
  • ChowTapeModel: cutting-edge analog tape modulation
  • ChowMatrix: a fun and inspiring digital delay effect
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ChowDSP Research

Some of the latest research coming out of ChowDSP

C++ Wave Digital Circuit Modelling

A C++ library for highly-optimized real-time wave digital circuit modelling.

Differentiable Wave Digital Filters

Integrating wave digital circuit models with machine learning.

Neural Network Inferencing

A real-time neural network inferencing library, that powers ChowDSP plugins including ChowCentaur.

About ChowDSP

Chowdhury DSP is a project created by Jatin Chowdhury with the intention of developing innovative and high-quality audio software, as well as making that software available to the widest audience possible. ChowDSP software is driven by the desire to create useful tools for musicians and audio engineers; tools that sound great, are easy to use, and provide musical inspiration.

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Support Us!

Chowdhury DSP relies on community support to create the best possible software, including bug reports, feature requests, new ideas, and more. If you would like to support this project financially, check out our Patreon!

All of our software is also open to contributions from open-source developers. If you are a developer, or a looking to gain experience, feel free to dive into the source code, and get your hands dirty!